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Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Sabina (Menschel) Priestap’s father Richard L. Menschel and Facebook's James W. Breyer funded HarvardX for the rogue C.I.A.

HarvardX M.O.O.C. (Massive Open Online Course) pushes rabid C.I.A. MKUltra anti-Trump virtue signaling and censorship to our children and teachers

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Feb. 13, 2018, Updated Feb. 14, 2018 | PDF |
AFI. (Feb. 13, 2018). Bill Priestap's spouse tied to Deep State IoT takeover of university curricula globally. Americans for Innovation.
Fig. 1–Edward William "Bill" Priestap, assistant director of the counterintelligence division with the Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI), listened during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, July 26, 2017. Some speculate that he has turned on the Obama-Clinton-Comey-Mueller conspiracy, but we highly doubt it given his intimate family association with Harvard, Facebook, The Internet of Things and the Deep State shadow government.
Photo: Getty Images.
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Breaking! Feb. 18 2018, must watch!

American Intelligence Media (AIM) interviewed Michael McKibben on Feb. 16, 2018 about how entrepreneurs in America are being ripped off by Deep State "public-private" fascist Establishment insiders hiding as liberal progressives & RINOS | Raw (*.mp4 video file).


(Feb. 13, 2017)On Dec. 21, 2015, then FBI Director James B. Comey appointed William E. “Bill” Priestap as Assistant Director of the Counterintelligence Division at the FBI.

Priestap is embroiled in the current cover-up of the FBI’s lies and disinformation to Senate and House Judiciary, Intelligence and Homeland Security Committees.

Sabina (Menschel) Priestap
Fig. 2—Sabina (Menschel) Priestap

Investigations into Priestap’s background reveal important new clues about Priestap's Deep State mission at the FBI.

What is Priestap hiding in his biography?

Priestap’s biographies are uniformly missing the name(s) of the universities where he claims to have received degrees in business and education. Clearly, the school identities are being intentionally withheld. Why? What are Mr. Priestap and the FBI hiding?

Second, Priestap’s spouse, Sabina (Menschel) Priestap, has a suspiciously successful intelligence resume for a 1999 Harvard College graduate, who then received a Harvard MBA in 2005.

Sabina (Menschel) Priestap IMMEDIATELY became a Special Advisor at the FBI (Jul. 2005)—a truly magical rise.

Lawrence H. Summers
Fig. 3—Lawrence "Larry" Summers

Note that Sabina (Menschel) Priestap attended Harvard Business School during the tenure of Lawrence “Larry” Summers, who became Harvard President after leaving the Clinton White House.

Summers brought his rogue C.I.A. Treasury employee, Marne L. Levine (Deutch), to be his Harvard chief of staff while he sent his Treasury chief of staff Sheryl K. Sandberg to Google to start Gmail. He had already sent his other World Bank protégé Yuri Milner to Russia to start, Russia's version of Gmail.

Marne L. Levine (C.I.A. Deutch) is the daughter-in-law of Bill Clinton’s disgraced C.I.A. Director Philip J. Deutch ("Daddy Deutch"). Daddy Deutch was pardoned by Bill Clinton on Jan. 19, 2001 along with finance fraudster Marc Rich. Daddy Deutch had been indicted for mishandling classified information on his home computer.

Levine (C.I.A. Deutch) later went to AOL Email (2006), National Economic Council as Larry Summers' chief of staff (2009), Facebook as vice president of global policy (2010), and is now chief operating officer at Instagram, where Summers joined as director on Jun. 29, 2011. See Timeline.

Levine (C.I.A. Deutch) has had another truly magical professional rise.

* * *All Star Harvard Goldman Sachs Family* * *
Richard L. Menschel
Fig. 5—Richard L. Menschel, Goldman Sachs Senior Director, HarvardX funder, brother Robert Menshel is also a Senior Director at Goldman Sach. All children are Harvard alums.
Sabina (Menschel) Priestap
Fig. 4—Sabina (Menschel) Priestap, stellar rise right from Harvard to senior Priestap and FBI advisor, of what, seminars on how to rig the Harvard entrance criteria with lucky genes?

Note that Facebook Boy King cardboard cutout Mark Zuckerberg started attending Harvard in 2001—contemporaneously with Sabina (Menschel) Priestap. Zuckerberg's is another truly magical professional rise starting as a 19 years old Harvard sophomore. See AFI. (Nov. 22, 2017). The Weaponization of Social Media Should Concern Us All. Americans for Innovation.

M.O.O.C. HarvardX rogue C.I.A.-inspired brainwashing system

Sabina (Menschel) Priestap's father, Richard L. Menschel, funded HarvardX in 2013. HarvardX is one of the primary M.O.O.C. platforms for the takeover of higher education by the Deep State shadow government. M.O.O.C. means “Massive Open Online Course.” It is essentially Common Core for higher education.

James W. Breyer
Fig. 6—James W. Breyer, Facebook, Accel Partners, rogue C.I.A. In-Q-Tel, HarvardX financier

Facebook's rogue C.I.A. handler, James W. Breyer, is a co-conspirator with Menschel in promoting HarvardX.

Given the Deep State’s intensive anti-Trump virtue signaling, the control by Daddy Menschel and Facebook's James W. Breyer over HarvardX, EdX—M.O.O.C. renders Priestap hopelessly compromised.

These relationships alone prove that Bill Priestap cannot be impartial in the Trump-Russia investigation. It further proves that he is evidently running cover for the globalist takeover of education and the U.S. Constitution.

More Conspiracies among Menschel, Priestap, HarvardX, M.O.O.C.

Ohio State University is a global Deep State shadow government network hub for M.O.O.C. – Massive Open Online Course

Jeffrey Wadsworth
Fig. 7—Jeffrey Wadsworth, rogue C.I.A., DARPA, Ohio State Trustee President, Battelle Institute CEO, IBM, M.O.O.C. HarvardX sponsor

In 2014, Ohio State Marching Band Director Jon Waters was inexplicably abused over his advertising successes after using Apple iPads to create wildly popular animated on-field marching formations that went viral. The incoming president Michael V. Drake from Stanford, who did not even know Waters, accused him of promoting a "sexualized culture." These accusations were denied and never proven. However, they were successful in getting Waters fired and stopping the Apple publicity momentum.

These bizarre events appeared nonsensical since Waters' creativity had just generated $30 million in advertising revenue and positive PR for the university. However, hindsight shows that the Apple attention threatened to expose Ohio State's and Governor John Kasich's cooperation with IBM and the rogue C.I.A. to make Ohio State a global networking hub for M.O.O.C. / HarvardX / EdX. This conspiracy was being organized by Ohio State trustee president Jeffrey Wadsworth, who is a rogue C.I.A. DARPA agent at Battelle Memorial Institute where he is CEO.

Ohio State’s then provost Joseph E. Steinmetz was busy promoting M.O.O.C. / HarvardX at Ohio State. At the same time, Ohio governor John Kasich gave IBM a $267 million exclusive contract (2013) to move Ohio State’s data center off campus to become a global network control hub for M.O.O.C.

John R. Kasich
Fig. 8—John R. Kasich, anti-Trump RINO (Republican in Name Only), George Soros donation minion, IBM, M.O.O.C. HarvardX sponsor, Ohio Governor

Former OSU data center engineers interviewed by AFI investigators say the move to an off campus site was wholly unnecessary on technical grounds. See IBM Opens Advanced Analytics Center in Columbus, Ohio.

That's right, Ohio State today does not even have its own campus data center. That center is completely controlled by John Kasich, M.O.O.C. and globalist forces that have no loyalties to Ohio State.

As case in point, Ohio State's president Michael V. Drake, who fired Waters as his first act after hiring, came from Stanford where he had no prior association with Ohio State, but had plenty of associations with the Silicon Valley Boy King cardboard cutouts in the Deep State.

Governor Kasich’s alignment with anti-Trump RINOs (Republicans in Name Only), and with anti-Trump Deep State Wall Street interests, reveals highly suspicious ties among Priestap, James B. Comey Robert S. Mueller and Governor John Kasich. This Gordian knot of relationships disqualifies Priestap from the Russia-Trump investigation.

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Priestap’s Anti-Trump, Deep State Footprints:

Goldman Sachs »
Daddy Menschel »
James W. Breyer / Facebook »
HarvardX »
M.O.O.C. »
Sabina  (Menschel) Priestap »
Mueller »
Comey »
Bill (Menschel) Priestap »
IBM / M.O.O.C. / HarvardX »
Rogue C.I.A. »
Ohio State »
HarvardX »
M.O.O.C. HUB »
Gov. John Kasich »
Trump-Russia Acute Bias » Back to Goldman Sachs »

Given all of the above, there is NO WAY that Priestap can be a part of any investigation related to President Trump. In fact, he should probably join the others in Guantanamo.

* * *

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Do you need more proof that Internet of Things Fascism has descended upon America? Click below.

On Dec. 01, 2017, Obama's National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST) published the 'Report of Securing and Growing the Digital Economy Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity [CENC].' Ref. Executive Order No. 13718. This document discloses a large list of members of the Deep State public-private fascist shadow government associated with Obama's takeover of the Internet through The Internet of Things.
On Dec. 01, 2017, Obama's National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST) published the 'Report of Securing and Growing the Digital Economy Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity [CENC].' Ref. Executive Order No. 13718. This document discloses a large list of members of the Deep State public-private fascist shadow government associated with Obama's takeover of the Internet through The Internet of Things.

Notices: This post may contain opinion. As with all opinion, it should not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself. Photos used are for educational purposes only and were obtained from public sources. No claims whatsoever are made to any photo.


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Thursday, February 1, 2018


To REALLY understand what's going on today, we need to go back to Bill Clinton's corrupt orders to the C.I.A., NSA & FBI to give intelligence secrets to select private companies on July 1, 1994 to achieve the globalists' agenda

The U.S. counter-intelligence community became a secret army for companies, judges & bureaucrats profiting from continuous war and stolen trade secrets

The Internet of Things is actually repackaged Nazi-style fascism and must  be dismantled

Contributing Writers | Opinion | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | Feb. 01, 2018, Update Feb. 05, 2018 | PDF |
AFI. (Feb. 01, 2018). The Internet of Things was Fascist from Inception. Americans for Innovation.
Fig. 1–Michael V. Hayden, former NSA Director (1999-2005), former C.I.A. Director (2006-2009). This research now proves that Hayden served the now evidently fascist political goals of three presidents, Republican and Democrat: Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barack Obama.
More Faces of Modern Day Fascisim
George H. W. BushWilliam J. ClintonGeorge W. BushBarack H. ObamaHillary R. Clinton
Hayden was a primary implementor of "The Internet of Things" which was the supreme embodiment of fascist crony capitalism—rewarding your friends and punishing your enemies for power and profit. The Internet of Things ("IoT") must be dismantled as the fruit of a poisoned tree. Beyond the "fascist!" epithets, fascism is a political philosophy where the state controls the individual and plays favorites among private companies. The favored companies are allowed preferences and profits as long as they do what the dictator demands. This is exactly how Adolf Hitler operated Nazi, Germany under the direction of his New York, Boston, London and Zurich bankers, including Prescott Bush with help from Ambassdor Joe Kennedy in London, we might add. This is evidently how the Deep State shadow government has literally gotten away with theft, murder and exploitation for decades. Until . . . The Trump Effect.
Photo: Getty Images.

(Feb. 01, 2017)—Our regular readers know that Mark Zuckerberg did not create Facebook, and that Columbus innovator Leader Technologies’ social networking invention was stolen by Leader's patent attorney James P. Chandler, III.

Chandler then formed the IBM Eclipse Foundation on Nov. 29, 2001 with a $40 million “donation” from IBM's legal counsel David J. Kappos.

The larger question is why would the U.S. government so flagrantly abuse a real American inventor in violation of the Constitution?

Now we know.

Bill Clinton literally codified C.I.A. & NSA fascism in 1994

William J. Clinton

On Jul. 1, 1994, President Bill Clinton wrote “A National Security Strategy of Engagement and Enlargement.” Clinton actually authorized the C.I.A. and NSA to use their super-secret and illegal Echelon Program (started in 1947) to assist American private companies with whom he and Hillary were aligned in pay-to-play schemes.

Curiously, just weeks later Clinton permitted the Rwandan Genocide false flag as his excuse to seize rare earth mineral mines in Africa for his pay-to-play high tech partners. Congressional testimony later proved that C.I.A. teams on the ground monitored the slaughter of innocents in silence while NSA satellites video taped the faked tribal outrage from space. Eugenic depopulation of the region was a collateral benefit. These people are pure monsters.

President Bill Clinton's signature. William J. Clinton. (Jul. 01, 1994). PDF p. 12. A National Security Strategy of Engagement and Enlargement. ISBN 0-16-045153-1, U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO), NSSArchive. The White House.

Bill Clinton, Jul. 1, 1994, PDF p. 12: “Countering terrorism effectively requires close day-to-day coordination among Executive Branch agencies. The Departments of State, Justice and Defense, the FBI and CIA continue to cooperate closely...”

Deep State fascist overlords created The Internet of Things to manipulate humanity 24x7, like cattle

They were given cute Boy King cut out brand names like Facebook, Google, Gmail, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr, Yahoo!, etc. for demonic intentions

Clinton’s counter terrorism Executive Branch collaborators look uncannily similar to the nefarious actors being exposed in the current Russia probe, not to mention Benghazi, Server-gate, Fast & Furious, U.S. Digital Service Election Rigging, ISIS, Arab Spring, etc. State (Albright, Hillary, Rice, Christopher, Powell, Kerry), Justice (Chandler, Holder, Lynch, Mukasey, Ashcroft, Gonzales, Reno), Defense (Hayden, Gates, Panetta, Hagel, Carter, Cohen, Rumsfeld, Perry, Cheney), FBI (Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein, McCabe, Ohr, Strzok, Louis Freeh), CIA (Hayden, Clapper, Brennan).

These government officials, by providing intelligence data to selected private companies, committed treason by conspiring to promote modern day Fascism in America behind the smoke screen of incessant false flags and national security.

Bill Clinton, Jul. 1, 1994, PDF p. 19: “Partnership with Business and Labor: Our economic strategy views the private sector as the engine of economic growth. It sees government’s role as a partner to the private sector – acting as an advocate of U.S. business interests; leveling the playing field . . . ”

You read this right. Clinton’s directive actually authorized fascism. He ordered his intelligence agencies to help selected private companies. This is outrageous, but who complained? Apparently no moral voices were around. Everyone who knew about the scam was benefiting and silent. That is why we have not learned about this until now. Whenever the power of the state rewards a selected few companies over others . . . open markets, competition, entrepreneurism, free enterprise, inventorship and accountability die.

Richard C. Walker was recruited as a Boy King cut out for globalist, Fascist technology companies planning global tyranny

These fascists recruited engineer Richard C. Walker to front for their grand plan.


The patent filings Walker began making in 1996 emphasized a well-known build vs. buy approach called "Commercial Off-the-Shelf Software" or C.O.T.S.

C.O.T.S. says buy commercial off-the-shelf technology whenever possible instead of build it. However, the devil is in this detail.

Our communications are quite literally ruled by fascist tyrants

Once the government picks a vendor, then that vendor becomes the de facto government supplier for life. Microsoft. Oracle. Cisco. AT&T. SAP. Apple. Motorola. Siemens. Lockheed. Boeing. Google. Etc. Power corrupts. Once the government agency implements that infrastructure, the argument, along with the bribes to grease the skids, says it is cost prohibitive to switch to a new vendor. Therefore, the natural evolution makes these decisions inherently corruptible. We quite literally, TODAY, live in a fascist American state where our communications infrastructure is ruled by tyrants. Period.

In short, C.O.T.S. is anti-competitive and unAmerican when promoted by the government for its own uses. President Trump is going to stop this.

RiCHARD Walker literally incorporated the super-secret C.I.A. Echelon Program in his claims

Walker made an astounding claim in his patent filings. He actually dictated that his global data collection scheme:

“. . . should be developed by the US government State Department, CIA and (echelon program). The programs should also run voice recognition and identification” and be “used by the FBI to detect stress and deception as well as panic and other emotions of excited human states.”
U.S. Patent No. 6,965,816, Col. 3, Lns. 5-6 ('This requires hardware, software and wet-ware (people) - the procedures and protocols')
Fig. 2–Richard Walker, U.S. Patent No. 6,965,816, Col. 69, Lns. 52-55. Click here for a full table of Walker's patent filings.

This is crazy. The government does not even acknowledge that the C.I.A. Echelon Program exists!

Monstrously, Walker also specifies that his C.I.A., NSA and FBI system includes the capability to remotely shock, sedate, "behavior supression," poison, steal identities, stalk and drug citizens anywhere on the planet. He even identifies one of his public-private Canada-based suppliers named Descretes Systems Group.

Look at the extraordinary extent of products and applications covered

Walker Patent, Fig. 6
Fig. 3–Richard C. Walker. (May 05, 2000). Fig. 6, p. 94, U.S. Pat. App. 60/200872, WO2000078057. Personal PFN Systems for Accountable Tracking Remote Management and Aggressive Control Scenarios. USPTO.

Read this Fig. 3 carefully. In the bottom left of the figure you'll notice that Walker claims sole ownership over this entire system. He has put both government entities and private companies on notice that he will license it to them. How did an Agilent Technologies nerd acquire such power? Someone should ask him.

This patent claims that Walker (and his Kline & Walker LLC company) is the sole owner of The Internet of Things. While those exact words are not said, the breadth of Walker’s claims leave no doubt.

Fig. 4–Richard C. Walker. (Oct. 01, 2001). p. 6, U.S. Pat. App. 660/325,538, WO2003029922. PFN/TAC system FAA upgrades for accountable remote and robotics control to stop the unauthorized use of aircraft and to improve equipment management and public safety in transportation (incl. C.I.A. Echelon). USPTO.

This is completely outrageous and shows how 9/11 was almost certainly achieved.

Walker benevolently offered his PFN/TRAC system to help restore the public trust in air travel:

Fig. 5–Richard C. Walker. (Oct. 01, 2001). p. 6, U.S. Pat. App. 660/325,538, WO2003029922. PFN/TAC system FAA upgrades for accountable remote and robotics control to stop the unauthorized use of aircraft and to improve equipment management and public safety in transportation (incl. C.I.A. Echelon). USPTO. Remember, Walker submitted this 425 pages of patent application text (part of a total of an astounding 2,366 pages—so no one would actually read it) to the Patent Office just 20 days following 9/11. It was like this was all teed up and ready to strike following 9/11. Richard C. Walker needs to explain how a nerd engineer at Agilent Technologies, but somewhere working on his own also at Kline & Walker, LLC could have such perfect timing on this monstrous surveillance system filing, without no help other than newly-minted FBI Director Robert Mueller's Wilmer, Hale & Dorr LLP law firm.

The verbiage betrays an advanced insider’s knowledge of the event of 9/11.

C.I.A. whistleblower Susan Lindauer [VIDEO] says that the plan to crash planes into the World Trade Center was well known within the C.I.A. as early as April 15, 2001. It is highly suspicious that Richard Walker jumped on the 9/11 tragedy to promote his patent claims for The Internet of Things just days following the tragedy.

Walker fronts for rogue C.I.A. / NSA / FBI Deep State Fascists

Walker dictates how he will license The Internet of Things to third parties in the government and private industry. This is just surreal. No nerd engineer would ever have this kind of power, unless he was given it or told to do it by insiders. This circumstance, besides revealing likely racketeering, conspiracy, organized crime, and is a betrayal of due process for every honest inventor who honestly puts forward claims to the Patent Office.

Walker confirms his association with the illegal, rogue C.I.A. Echelon Program.

As written previously, Walker includes human beings inside his global censor dome as "wet-ware."

The patent actually says that their plan is to identify, tag, track and control literally everything on the planet! They plan is to embed micro-electronic control devices, either surgically or by injection, in every human being on the planet. To them, it’s all about “management of the world’s resources” including you. Walker Patent No. 6,965,816 Col. 118, Lns. 53-54.

Unbelievably, you are just “wet-ware”

These documents show that their authors have a total disdain for humanity. These define people as "wet-ware." In this world view, a human is merely a silicon chip surrounded by a membrane of carbon and water.

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These are the people who are planning to take over the world.

Read for yourself:
Here are two lines captured from the actual patent:
U.S. Patent No. 6,965,816, Col. 3, Lns. 5-6 ('This requires hardware, software and wet-ware (people) - the procedures and protocols')

"PFN" means Protected Primary Focal Node. "TRAC" means Trusted Remote Activity Controller.

The illustrations in Walker's patent are truly dystopian (a community or society that is undesirable and/or frightening)—and they have been implemented! Their message is clear: "you can run but you cannot hide." In this illustration, even the trees are watching you! Here is Figure 21 from Walker's patent.

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Click image to enlargeU.S. Patent No. 6,965,816, Fig. 21.

Richard Walker's patent could not work without Leader Technologies' social networking invention, so they stole it

Despite Walker's insistence that everyone license from him, he has not licensed the invention of social networking from Leader Technologies. Instead, as this Walker patent reveals, they just stole it.

Indeed, Walker's patent would not have worked on the large scale they describe without Leader social networking invention. We’ll show that below.

James P. Chandler, III

First, these patents to remotely control vehicles started being filed within two months of the passage of the Economic Espionage Act of 1996 (EEA) during Bill Clinton’s first term. The EEA was written by law professor James P. Chandler, III.

Robert Mueller, James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, Larry Summers were strategically positioned at the top of the Justice Department and Treasury. The patentee, Richard C. Walker, could have patented a ham sandwich had this group wanted it.

Second, the evident intent of the Walker patent was to illustrate the technology planned for control of everything—The Internet of Things.

Robert S. Mueller, III

Third, Robert S. Mueller’s law firm, Wilmer Hale LLP, formerly Hale & Dorr LLP, drove Walker's filings. Mueller was sworn in as FBI director just seven days before 9/11. This clearly implicates Wilmer Hale in the treachery.

Fourth, the global data sharing platform described in the patent was not doable by the likes of IBM, Microsoft, Boeing, AT&T and Cisco. They were all behind the curve from an R&D perspective when the Internet emerged. For example, Bill Gates thought it was a fad. The telephone pager network that Walker described could not scale to the volumes required for such global communication.

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Who is Richard C. Walker?
a.k.a. "Rick Walker"

Richard C. Walker
Fig. 8–Richard C. Walker, Hewlett-Packard, Kline & Walker, LLC, Agilent Technologies, client of Wilmer Hall LLP (formerly Hale & Dorr LLP).

Did he really invent all these patents?

Walker is a geek scientist who has worked inside the bowels of Hewlett-Packard and Agilent Technologies his entire career.

We do not believe that Walker is the sole inventor. The sheer breadth of global policy perspectives incorporated in these documents shows a collective policy mind.

Our hunch is that they are derived from the illegal Highlands Group that has been secretly convened since late 1994 by the Department of Defense to begin coordinating the Deep State takeover of the Internet.

According to Walker’s resume, he was a Principal Staff Scientist at Hewlett-Packard (HP) for twenty-one (21) years from Jan. 1981 to 2002. Since 2002 he has been a Senior R&D Electrical Engineer at Agilent Technologies, for whom he continues to file patents.

Richard C. Walker Online biographies
Years City Organization Activity
1978-1981   Caltech BS, Engineering and Applied Science
1988-1992   California State University-Chico MS, Compter Science
1981-1991   Hewlett-Packard Laboratories Technical Staff
1981-2000 Palo Alto HP Labs Principal Project Engineer
1981-2001 Palo Alto Hewlett-Packard Principal Project Engineer
1991-2003 Palo Alto Agilent Technologies Principal Project Engineer
1982-2004 Palo Alto Agilent Technologies Principal Project Engineer
2005-2012 Palo Alto Adema Technologies Consultant
2009-2015 Palo Alto Corning Consulting Electrical Engineer
2015-2016 Palo Alto Speck Design Consulting Electrical Engineer
2010-current Palo Alto R&R Engineering LLC Owner
2016-current Santa Clara Agilent Technologies Sr. R&D Electrical Engineer
Table 1–Richard C. Walker biographies. Sources: LinkedIn, ResearchGate.

Walker has consistently failed to disclose his Kline & Walker, LLC company that claims ownership of this 170-page total global surveillance "Internet of Things" patent . . . even though he assigned the patent to Kline & Walker, LLC (a defunct company) on Nov. 15, 2005

1998 to (at least Nov. 15 2005) Potomac MD Kline & Walker, LLC Owner & Inventor

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Agilent Technologies is evidently a Deep State surveillance supplier

Walker’s current employer, Agilient Technologies, was a spin off of HP that went public on Nov. 18, 1999. That was only a week after Bill Clinton and his Treasury Secretary Larry Summers abolished Glass-Steagall. Summer’s chief of staff then was Sheryl K. Sandberg, the subsequent creator of Gmail (2004) and the current chief operating officer of Facebook (2008 to current). Another Summers employee then was Marne L. Levine. Levine who married disgraced C.I.A. director John M. Deutch’s son, and is now chief operating officer at Instagram. Deutch was pardoned by Bill Clinton on the same day as Marc Rich. It's truly a cozy little world at the top of the criminal Internet of Things.

Agilent raised $2.1 billion and was the largest Silicon Valley public offering ever at that time. The usual globalist shadow government suspects were the Agilent underwriters: Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, JPMorgan, etc. The insider trading is evident.

To put the Agilent Technologies / HP actions in context, on Jul. 14, 1999, President Bill Clinton formed the National Intellectual Property Assurance Council (NIAC) by Executive Order #13130 with James P. Chandler, III.

A few months later on Sep. 29, 1999, President Bill Clinton formed In-Q-Tel to run a rogue C.I.A. private venture capital company in Silicon Valley.

A few weeks later on Nov. 12, 1999, Bill Clinton and Larry Summers, Clinton’s Treasury Secretary and Chandler’s Harvard colleague, abolished Glass–Steagall market protections separating underwriting and banking.

Evidently, Agilent Technologies and HP are key suppliers to the Internet of Things.

HP & Agilent are Complicit

Here is a complete U.S. Patent Office list of the patents attributed to Richard C. Walker as the inventor. Eleven (11) are assigned to Hewlett-Packard and fourteen (14) are assigned to Agilent Technologies, Inc.

These patents are very evidently refinements of Walker's "control everything" patent. They are full of euphamisms (deceptions) to obscure the true censorship purpose.

Bookmark: #walker-can-crash-planes-remotely |

This system can crash planes & vehicles remotely

Click image to enlargeU.S. Patent No. 6,965,816, Fig. 1.

Bookmark: #world-economy |

This system was planned to control the global economy in Nazi-Fascist Style

"Socio-Economic and Environmental Technology Accounting System for Democratic Government"

This appears like a Soviet-style central government system.

Click image to enlargeU.S. Patent No. 6,965,816, re. Fig. 40 ("World Organization"). Incorporated by reference in multiple Walker applications, including U.S. Pat. App. No. 10/401,041, Fig. 2B, Automated Accounting System That Values Controls Records and Bills The Uses of Equipment Vehicles For Society.
Fig. 10–U.S. Patent No. 6,965,816, re. Fig. 40 ("World Organization"). Incorporated by reference in multiple Walker applications, including U.S. Pat. App. No. 10/401,041, Fig. 2B, Automated Accounting System That Values Controls Records and Bills The Uses of Equipment Vehicles For Society.

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Memo to Wet-ware: The Internet of Things is a Fascist plan to control everything  in your life and your family's life

Click image to enlargeThe Internet of Things. Beecham Research.
Fig. 11–Boston and London Internet of Things pitchman Beecham Research has produced this cute little pastel illustration of the demonic takeover.

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Can this Fascist takeover be stopped? Yes, but we must start removing the spying tools immediately

Defund these criminals—their corruptly-acquired power must be removed.

Stop the criminals who are responsible for this, which means we need to lock up Hillary and the others truly responsible.

Ask President Trump to pay Leader Technologies' Miller Act Notice. This generates hundreds of billions of dollars in new revenue for the federal government without raising taxes, among the many benefits. It will also help to start developing a true Free Press envisioned by the Founders and now lost to the globalists.

See also previous post: AFI. (Nov. 22, 2017). The Weaponization of Social Media Should Concern Us All [VIDEO]. Americans for Innovation.

* * *

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Do you need more proof that Internet of Things Fascism has descended upon America?

(1) Read Barack Obama's Executive Order 13718, Feb. 09, 2016 promoting The Internet of Things specifically.

Executive Order 13718. (Feb. 12, 2016). Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity. Federal Register.

(2) Read the Obama White House Aug. 30, 2016 promotion of the Internet of Things titled "Internet of Things: Examining Opportunities and Challenges: Summary: The Administration is working with stakeholders to understand and harness the benefits of connected devices while also assessing and addressing potential challenges."

Afua Bruce, Dan Correa, Suhas Subramanyam. (Aug. 30, 2016). Internet of Things: Examining Opportunities and Challenges. Barack Obama, White House.

(3) Read Obama's report on the Internet of Things on Dec. 01, 2016 titled Commission on Enhancing Cybersecurity: Report on Securing and Growing the Digital Economy—AFTER his election defeat to Donald Trump. Pay close attention to the public-private entities that participated in this totally fascist cabal.

Were these people planning on giving up their carefully cultivated Internet of Things power? Obvious not, the profit & Power from fascism is too intoxicating.

Thomas E. Donilon, Samuel J. Palmisano. (Dec. 01, 2016). Report on Securing and Growing the Digital Economy. Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity. Executive Order No. 13718. NIST.

Ask yourself, do you think these people were planning to dismantle their grand fascist digital takeover plan after Donald J. Trump's election victory? Clearly they were not, hence their insane behavior since the election.

Checklist of I.o.T. Fascists (*.xlsx)

No Organization_Title Lastname Firstname
1 Amazon, Chief Solutions Architect Ryland Mark
2 American Express, Exec. VP Gordan Marc
3 American Univ. Lewis Rebekah
4 American Univ. Business, Dean Delaney John
5 American Univ. Law, Dean Nelson Camille
6 AT&T Boyer Chris
7 Automation Federation Mustard Steve
8 CENC, Exec. Director Todt Kiersten
9 CIA In-Q-Tel, CEO Louie Gilman
10 Cisco, Chief Security Officer Conway Edna
11 Citigroup, Global Digital Baxter Greg
12 CITL, Chief Scientist Zatko Sarah
13 City of Houston, Chief Security Officer Laplander David
14 Commerce Dept., Dir. Digital  Davidson Alan
15 Congressional Research Service Fischer Eric
16 Consumer Fed. of America Grant Susan
17 Cyber Statecraft Initiative; Sonatype, CTO Corman  Joshua
18 Cyber Threat Intelligencew Donahue Tom
19 DARPA, Prog. Manager Walker Mike
20 Dept. of Commerce, General Counsel McKenna Alice
21 Dept. of Commerce, General Counsel Willams Gaye
22 Dept. of Commerce, Secretary Pritzker Penny
23 Dept. of Homeland Security Edwards Marty
24 Dept. of Homeland Security Kolasky Robert
25 Dept. of State Painter Chris
26 Dropbox Heim Patrick
27 Edison Electric et al Aaronson Scott
28 ExxonMobile, Cyber Robichaux Scott
29 Facebook, Chief Security Officer Stamos Alex
30 FBI-Housant, ASAC Webster Mark
31 FCIC, Comm; Merrill Lynch, Global Research Murren Heather
32 Federal Trade Commission, Sr. Attorneu Moriarity Kevin
33 Frontier Communications, Chair; Grand Reserve Inn Wilderotter Maggie
34 GAO Wilshusen Gregory C.
35 Georgia Institute of Technology Anton Ana I.
36 Goldman Sachs, Managing Dir. Venables Phil
37 Google, VP Grosse Eric
38 GSA, Sr. Advisor Mill Eric
39 HyTrust Prafullchandra Hemma
40 IBM, Chairman Palmisano Samuel J.
41 IBM, Director Chenok Dan
42 IBM; Blockchain Technologies Cuomo Jerry
43 Intel, IoT Strategy McCarson Brian
44 JetBlue Gavin Lee
45 JPMorgan Chase, Managing Dir. Rattray Greg
46 Kleiner Perkins, Managing Partner Schlein Ted
47 LifeJourney Geritz Rick
48 Marsh & McLennan, Exec. VP Beshar Peter
49 MasterCard, CEO Banga Ajay
50 Microsoft, Scientist Dwork Cynthia
51 Microsoft, VP Lee Peter
52 MIT, Mastercard, NYU, Imperial College Wladawsky-Berger Irving
53 MIT, Professor Pentland Alex
54 National Guard Hoover Reynold N.
55 New York Univ. Law, Exec. Dir. Goldman Zachary K.
56 New York Univ. Law., Dean Morrison Trevor
57 NIST, Computer Scientist Ross Ron
58 NIST, Director; Univ. of Pitts., Chancellor Gallagher Patrick
59 NSA Advisor; O'Melveny & Myers Donilon Thomas E.
60 NSA Director, Cyber Command; IronNet Alexander Keith B.
61 NSA, Tech. Dir. Ziring Neal L.
62 Palo Alto Networks, CEO McLaughlin Mark
63 Sabre Corp Toretti Gary
64 Slack, Chief Security Officer Belknap Geogg
65 Stanford, Cyber Research Lin Herbert
66 State of Texas, Chief Security Officer Block Edward
67 U.S. Cyber Command, Nat. Dir. Evans Karen
68 Uber, Chief Security Officer Sullivan Joseph
69 UC, VP, CIO Andriola Thomas E.
70 UC-Berkley, Assoc. Chancellor Gilman Nils
71 UC-Berkley, Exec. Dir. Cooper Betsy
72 UC-Berkley, faculty Weber Steve
73 Underwriters Laboratories Modesta Ken
74 United Health, Sr. VP Booker Robert
75 Univ. of Houston Conklin William Arthur
76 Univ. of Houston Myrick Paula
77 Univ. of Minnesota Amin Massoud
78 Univ. of Minnesota Johnson Mike
79 Verizon, Gen. Counsel; NYU Law Milch Randal
80 Western Power Admin Paluru Subhash
81 White & Case LLP, Chair, Privacy Chabinsky Steven
82 White House Cooke Evan
83 White House, Homeland Security Advisor Monaco Lisa
84 William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Sugarman Eli
85 Zurich North America, Sr. VP Mulligan Catherine
Table 2–Obama Internet of Things Collaborators. Source: White House. See also spreadsheet (*.xlsx). See full Deep State Drain the Swamp Timeline List. See full Deep State Shadow Government Poster.

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